Facts about homework

Homework today is an essential part of the process of education. It makes understanding and learning more effective and more manageable. Many of us have taken part in doing homework since the years in school. But very few of us have been thinking of who decided to create homework, why it was introduced when it was created, and the first purpose of creating homework. Below is an extensive explanation the some of these questions;

Historical facts

In the I century Anno Domini, Pliny the younger, a teacher who was in the oratory who created homework, put a question to his followers to take part in activities at home. The reason why this practice was done was for the followers to improve the speaking skills needed in an informal setting. The results that were obtained from doing homework were so magnificent, this kind of approach learning was made use of by various tutors. The person who was thought to have created homework was Pedagog Roberto Nevillis. Pedagog used homework as a punishment for his students in the far 1905. Since then, that’s how homework was created, and various experts have used it. Homework should follow specific criteria;

  • It should be feasible.
  • It should be small and straightforward.
  • Must be set not at the beginning but at the end of the training. 

The main purpose of homework

The purpose of homework has been discussed by not only those who invented homework and school. Many people at this time are convinced that home assignments are not compulsory for understanding a material that is studied. But recent research proves otherwise. According to scientific research, homework assignments play essential roles in elevating the knowledge of the students. In elementary schools, this is true. 

According to Nevillis, the creator of school and homework, this task academically gives students an opportunity;

  • To study without estimating outside. 
  • Working without haste
  • Choose optimal hours of work. 

Based on the points above, the usefulness of the assignment academically is in. 

  • Repeating material that has been studied
  • Expansion and consolidation of skills needed to one to work independently
  • Fixing memory

Types of homework

Ever since when Roberto invented homework, there were few types of homework assignments then. It was because the people who created homework did not have the time needed to go deep to find out the types of homework. It was hard for the inventor to come up with a formula for home studying to be very effective.

Now in this current time, teachers incorporate these types of homework assignments in the process of studying. 

  • Oral exercises performance.
  • Written exercise performance
  • Creative works performance. 
  • Writing coursework
  • Conducting experiments and observations 
  • Mastering materials according to textbooks

When the homework types above are appropriately combined in a balanced way, students can be helped to perceive information. 

The purpose of homework (to improve the quality of education)

The way of making the process of learning is to elevate the quality of the organization and content of the tasks at home. There are various types of homework, all of which aim to improve the quality of the students’ knowledge and enhance the process of studying.


As the years go by, homework continues to evolve in various ways. This evolution is based on how students and teachers perceive it. Homework has brought parents and their kids together to some extent in this current time. 

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