Nine tips to eliminate homework stress

Homework brings about anxiety and stress among students. However, homework plays a very vital role in a child’s education. When homework creates a sense of frustration or becomes overwhelming to a student, the chances are that it can negatively affect their ability to retain information and focus. A child may also develop procrastinating habits when it comes to completing their homework. As a result, the learner will generally perform poorly in class and fail their exams. It is, therefore, essential to learning how to manage stress relating to homework.

Homework stress and the effect it has on students

Excessive homework triggers increased frustration and stress levels among students. It will translate to poor grades, affect their social life, and create mental and physical health problems. Also, the stress resulting from homework can engulf the whole family and create constant fights, arguments, or quarrels. It comes especially when parents are incapable of helping their kids with their assignments.

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Many parents agree that homework is a regular struggle for kids. It does not mean that it should the worst time in your kid’s day. Both students and parents will benefit when dealing with homework-related stress and make it a positive learning experience.

The following are ways you can use to reduce and hopefully eliminate stress when your child is doing homework:

  1. Stick to a schedule. 

Assist your child in creating a plan and scheduling their time for chores, homework, sleep, and other activities. Help them know what they should be doing at what time.

  1. Manage time appropriately.

After having a schedule in place, ensure your child focuses on a particular task at any given time. Eliminate all distractions until they’re done to give them time to complete their homework.

  1. Start early.

After your child arrives from school, you may give them a 30-minute break then go over the assignments from each subject. Help them formulate a list of activities to complete and encourage them to start early. It helps this way when their mind is still fresh and active from school.

  1. Regularly review your agenda. 

Make your child go through their agenda where they write down all assignments given in school. It helps them know what assignment they need to complete by what time.

  1. Stay organized. 

The homework station should always be in order and neatly kept. Make sure your student has all the study materials they need before starting their homework.

  1. Ask questions to the teachers.

Over the years, there are changes in school material taught. Form a list of questions your student can ask their teacher in areas they have challenges.

  1. Organize a homework group. 

Having a company while doing homework can help reduce pressure when a kid is doing their homework. Whenever possible, invite one of their classmates over to go through homework as a team.

  1. Abort if it gets overwhelming.

Whenever a student gets overwhelmed or frustrated by a question, please encourage them to take a break before trying it again later. It gives them time to regroup and relax before completing the assignment.


Handling homework stress helps kids make the best out of homework and develop good study habits. These tips will ensure your kid becomes more confident and reduce frustration.

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